Yacht Clearance

To avoid any restrictions or inconveniences during your cruise in Turkey, we handle all clearance formalities involving arrivals, departures, harbour masters and customs on behalf of the Captain with pleasure.

Formalities concerning the documentation of yachts departing from the last port of call or entering port or a mooring-place for winter lay-up shall be carried out at the port of departure or winter mooring place.

Documents Necessary for Clearance :

  • Yacht Registration ( Original )
  • Insurance Certificate ( Original )
  • Crew and Passenger Passports
  • Crew and Passenger List
  • Yacht Master Licence ( Original )
  • Authorisation ( Original/For the Captain)
  • Ownership Document ( Original/For the Owner)

Transit Log – Yacht Registration Form

The transit Log is a permit to sail in Turkish waters and to enter Turkish Ports. Formalities are completed on this form at the first port of entry.